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Bryophyllum: Unveiling the Marvel of a Plant with Extraordinary Reproduction Abilities



Bryophyllum pinnatum has diverse therapeutic properties and is utilized in Ayurvedic medicine to produce various medications.The names of this plant include cathedral bells, life plant, magic leaf and bryophyllum pinnatum. This plant is known by the Ayurvedic names Kaadubasale ,Bhasmapathri, Pashanbheda, or Panputti. Due to its evergreen nature, the Bryophyllum pinnatum plant maintains its green color throughout the year.

 Overview of Bryophyllum:

Hailing from Madagascar, Bryophyllum is a member of the botanical family. It has unique fleshy leaves that store water, which helps it to survive in dry place with less rain environment. The plant's succulent appearance and attractive flowers make it a popular choice for indoor plant collections.

Bryophyllum possesses extraordinary abilities in reproducing itself. One of the captivating features is its distinctive method of asexual reproduction. Along the edges of its leaves, small plantlets often referred to as bulbils or "baby plants," emerge. These plantlets possess the remarkable capability to establish roots upon contacting the soil, leading to their independent growth as new plants. This fascinating adaptation enables Bryophyllum to propagate rapidly and establish its presence in previously unoccupied territories.

Bryophyllum leaf with baby plants

Benefits of Bryophyllum Pinnatum

v  If you suffer from stones, Bryophyllum pinnatum is a remedy for your health. To prepare the remedy, make a mixture of Bryophyllum pinnatum decoction and honey, then consume it after a certain period of time.

v  In Ayurveda, Bryophyllum pinnatum is utilized for the treatment of urinary issues. It is also effective in addressing skin swelling, wounds, or injuries.

v  Bryophyllum pinnatum can provide relief from headaches or migraines. To use it, grind Bryophyllum pinnatum leaves to create a paste, and then apply it to the forehead.

v  Women who experience discharge issues can find effective treatment in Bryophyllum pinnatum. It helps reduce vaginal spotting. To consume it, prepare a decoction of the plant's leaves with honey and take it once or twice daily.

v  Bryophyllum pinnatum is a valuable remedy for treating bloody diarrhea. Extract the juice from Bryophyllum pinnatum leaves and combine it with cumin and ghee. This mixture can be consumed to address the condition of bloody diarrhea.

Side Effects of Bryophyllum Pinnatum (Patharchatta)

·         Stomach pain.

·         Heartburn.

·         Nausea.

·         Diarrhoea with sour belching and vomiting issue.